Our CTC Trainer and Fashion Guru, Somer Phoebus has searched high and low and she is bringing you the BEST of the BEST in workout bottoms!! Don’t waste another dime until you read this. Your CTC tank deserves to be paired with bottoms just as awesome!


So it’s not a big surprise that workout wear has become quite popular. I mean, most of it has no zipper, no button, and the sizing options are simple – S, M, or L. And how about those blessed leggings, don’t even get me started! Who wouldn’t love to live in those comfy little leg covers all day long?! But with the increased popularity there are so many options and so many companies trying to profit on our desire to live in pajama-like clothing every day! As CTC lovers you’ve figured out where to get all of your activewear tops, so where can you go to get the best quality + the best deal for your bottoms?

Here are my top 4 places to shop AND not to shop:

1. The best quality for the cheapest price – okay, stay with me here because you’re not going to believe me, but this award goes to Forever 21. YES! I’m serious. I personally own 4 pair and not only do they have some extra style flair, they are comfy, they fit well, they come in XS-XXL, and they hold up for a good 12 months. And you guys – they start at $12 a pair!!!! What?!

2. The best quality for the medium-est price – Target. Nuff said right? Target dominates in pretty much any category. Seriously though, they last, they’re comfy, and you’re going to be all in for less than $28 for a good pair. The only downside for me is that overall their styles are pretty plain. You’re not going to win most fashionable, but if that’s not what you’re after, then Target is perfect for you! Depending on how hard you go in your workouts, these can get you through 12-18 months.

3. The best selection online – Athleta. Now, the price point is a little higher but if you get on their mailing list you can shop the specials and coupons, and there’s a sale shop where you can always get a deal. The quality is phenomenal and they take back anything you don’t love! These are going to last you quite a while.

4. The best membership offer at a medium price point – Fabletics. Online RetailMemberships are all the rage right now, from beauty, to fruit, to home accessories like candles there’s a membership program for everything, and how fun is it to get a little surprise in the mail once a month? I am a proud Fabletics member and I love that I can get a complete OUTFIT for $49. Many of the outfits are a combination of a bottom and a sports bra so then all I have to throw in is my CTC tank and I’m set. The price is great, the selection is great, the quality is really really great. Plus, they have some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!
Places I avoid when shopping for workout bottoms – any of the big brand stores like Nike, Under Armor, etc., because I find they are always super expensive (unless you’re blessed to have one of these outlets nearby!) You can get the same Nike bottoms at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for half the price! Also, I avoid the sporting good stores – Dick’s, Sports Authority, Academy, etc. – they rank the lowest in customer service for me – mainly because it always seems like the guy from the fishing department is the only one available to unlock my fitting room and assist me with my items. He feels weird, I feel weird, it’s just weird.

Well ladies, I hope this list helps! I think we all know it’s so much easier to get motivated to workout when we have an outfit we love to do it in!

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